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Book chapters - Evolutionary Genomics

Mularoni L, Toll-Riera M, Alba MM. Comparative Genetics of Trinucleotide Repeats in the Human and Ape Genomes. Handbook of Human Molecular Evolution  2008. John Wiley & Sons Ltd: Chichester.


Book chapters - Evolutionary Genomics

Toll-Riera M, Castresana J, Alba MM. Accelerated Evolution of Genes of Recent Origin. Pontarotti-P (ed): Evolutionary Biology from Concept to Application 2008; Springer.


Book chapters - Evolutionary Genomics - Computational Genomics - group

Alba MM, Tompa P, Veitia RA. Amino-acid repeats and the structure and evolution of proteins. Vol 3. Volff J-N (ed): Gene and Protein Evolution. Genome Dyn, 2007; Basel; Karger: p.119-130


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