GRIB participated in the iPiE Forum Meeting held in Brussels from the 13th to the 15th of November

The iPiE consortium members met in Brussels, hosted by Janssen in its Diegem offices.

The iPiE consortium members met in Brussels, hosted by Janssen in its Diegem offices. The first day, the meeting was structured in workshops and general sessions on updates discussions. The second day counted with the attendance of the Scientific Advisory Board members of the project, to whom the last achievements and progress was presented. The last day was aimed to discuss on the prioritisation guidelines which are being developed in the final months of the project.

iPiE aims to develop predictive frameworks that use information from existing datasets on environmental fate and effects of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), toxicological studies, pharmacological mode of action and in silico models to support more intelligent environmental testing of pharmaceuticals. The iPiE project has delivered models to estimate concentrations of pharmaceuticals in surface waters, sediments and soils across Europe as well as the models for predicting effects of pharmaceuticals on aquatic organisms. One of the major iPiE achievements was the development and the release of the iPiEsys software which allows the database to be searched and predictive models to be run. The guidance on how the software system and associated predictive tools can be used is under development and it is expected to be delivered early next year.

iPiE is a IMI-JU funded project, which started in January 2015 and will finish in June 2019, after a recently granted 6 months extension, with a budget of over 10,2 million €. The work is carried by a consortium of 25 academic institutions, research organizations, pharmaceutical companies and SMEs, led by Bayer and University of York. The Integrative Biomedical Informatics group and the PharmacoInformatics group of GRIB participate on this project.

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