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BIB launches its website to boost visibility of catalan bioinformatic potential

Bioinformatics Barcelona Association (BIB) launches its website, which aims to be a reference in the bioinformatic sector at national and international level, and to become the platform for communication and interaction among BIB's partners. Through this website, the association has enhanced its digital presence to become a meeting-point facilitator of initiatives and a think tank for the bioinformatic community.

The portal contains sections on the BIB partners and their research groups in the bioinformatic field, and on education and training, job offers and internships, news, activities and news clipping, as well as a section with specific information on the association itself. Ferran Sanz, Director of GRIB is the Vice-President of the Association's Board of directors.

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A new energy source within the cells

In a paper published in Science, researchers at the Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG) led by group leader Miguel Beato in collaboration with Baldo Oliva and Jaume Bonet, head and postdoctoral researcher respectively of the Structural Bioinformatics group of GRIB (IMIM-UPF) and researchers of the IRB in Barcelona and the URV in Tarragona have described for the first time a new pathway generating energy within the cell nucleus for remodeling chromatin and reprogramming gene expression. They have also identified the function of enzymes involved at every step of this process and how they are activated in response to stress signals. Their results, will help in understanding the mechanisms underlying chromatin remodelling, its relationship with DNA damage and, by extension, with cancer. 

Exceptional situations call for extraordinary measures. When cells need to cope with a global reprogramming of gene expression they require a lot of energy in the nucleus. In these situations the cells block their mitochondrial and cytosolic ATP production to be focused on the main task in the nucleus," says Miguel Beato, principal investigator of this paper. 

Article reference: Wright R, Lioutas A, Le Dily F, Soronellas D, Pohl A, Bonet J, Nacht AS, Samino S, Puchades Carrasco L, Font-Mateu J, Vicent GP, Wierer M, Trabado MA, Schelhorn C, Carolis C, Macias MJ, Yanes O, Oliva B, Beato M. ADP-ribose-derived nuclear ATP synthesis by NUDIX5 is required for chromatin remodeling. Science, 352 (6290), 1221-1225. doi: 10.1126/ science. aad9335

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The project NONCODRIVERS "Finding noncoding cancer drivers", aims to characterize the role of mutations in non-coding regions in the most prevalent tumours of the population. The work will count with the collaboration of the International Cancer Genome Consortium, an organization created for the classification of the molecular profile of 50 different types of cancer. The project aims to identify those non-coding alterations that are more relevant for tumour biology through computational methods and will explore new therapeutic strategies that can revert its effects by means of the creation of the corresponding cellular models. The project​ is funded for the period 2016-2021 by the European Research Council (ERC) with an ERC Consolidator grants given to Nuria López-Bigas, head of the Biomedical Genomics group of GRIB.

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  • Wright R, Lioutas A, Le Dily F, Soronellas D, Pohl A, Bonet J, Nacht AS, Samino S, Puchades Carrasco L, Font-Mateu J, Vicent GP, Wierer M, Trabado MA, Schelhorn C, Carolis C, Macias MJ, Yanes O, Oliva B, Beato M. ADP-ribose-derived nuclear ATP synthesis by NUDIX5 is required for chromatin remodeling. Science, 2016; 352 (6290), 1221-1225. PMID: 27257257 . DOI: 10.1126/ science. aad9335.
  • Queralt-Rosinach N, Piñero J, Bravo A, Sanz F, Furlong LI. DisGeNET-RDF: Harnessing the Innovative Power of the Semantic Web to Explore the Genetic Basis of Diseases. Bioinformatics, 2016. DOI: 10.1093/bioinformatics/btw214.
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